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10 Best Pacifiers in 2020

From the moment they are born, babies feel an insatiable need to suckle on everything they can put in their mouth, which includes fingers, baby feeders, and a variety of unattended household objects. It is a healthy, natural behavior intended to help them feed and put on essential weight as they grow, a natural need that you as a parent have to deal with in a healthy and controlled fashion.

Given the baby’s natural desire to suck on things at all times, often between feedings, you should get them used to using a pacifier. For the most part, pacifiers are a lot more hygienic than anything else the baby might put in their mouth as soon as you turn your back to them. This is precisely why you want the pacifier to not only be of a high quality but built from safe, chewable materials. Let us then find out what makes a good pacifier by taking a look at the ten best pacifiers the market has to offer at this point in time.

My Top 10 Best Pacifiers Recommendations & Reviews

#10 Nuby SoftFlex Orthodontic Pacifier

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Made from high-quality materials, the Nuby SoftFlex Orthodontic Pacifier is a uniquely designed product that is free from BPA and other harmful chemicals. Emulating the actual movements of a nipple, this pacifier comes with a flexing action that makes it even more natural.

Thanks to its hygienic air mechanism, this pacifier also helps reduce any kind of skin irritation. Not only is it a pacifier but it also comes with durable teething nubs that help to massage the gums, stimulating it at the same time. Available in an assortment of baby shades, this pacifier is suitable for babies from 0 to 6 months old.


  • Features a natural flexing mechanism that simulates a mother’s breast
  • Its teething nubs massage and stimulate the baby’s gums
  • Equipped with a hygienic air system to help reduce skin irritation
  • Easy to clean due to its simplistic and maneuverable design
  • Quite affordable considering its ingenious build


  • A bit large in size for some babies
  • The assortment of colors could use some revamping

#9 Ulubulu Expression Pacifier

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The Ulubulu Expression Pacifier is a German made, premium grade baby soother that is approved and complies with all US and EU safety guidelines. Free from BPA, phthalates, and lead, this pacifier is safe and ultra-durable.

Uniquely designed to fit your child’s mouth perfectly, it features a contoured construction and comes with a special chin protection. With a nipple made of medical grade silicone, it also features large holes on the sides to help the skin breathe while the baby bites down on it.


  • Cute design helps babies get attached to the pacifier
  • Its CPSIA compliant built makes it 100% safe
  • Features a contoured shield to help fit inside the baby’s mouth
  • Designed to prevent skin irritations of any kind
  • It enjoys a very sturdy build


  • The aesthetics aren’t all that great
  • A bit difficult to clean at first
  • The lime print wears off over time

#8 Playtex BinkySilicone New Born Pacifier

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The Playtex BinkySilicone New Born Pacifier is a premium quality baby comforter that is uniquely crafted and shaped to resemble a mother’s nipple. Free from BPA and made with high-quality materials, this pacifier comes with a snug-n-place function that helps to keep the ring in position at all times.

Thanks to the air vents on the pacifier it helps prevent any kind of skin irritation and allows a high standard of breathability. Extremely safe, convenient, and durable, this baby soothing tool is easy to clean and maintain long-term.


  • Features a BPA-free construction that makes it very safe to use
  • Shaped like a mother’s nipple to help the baby get attached to it
  • It has air comfort shield vents to prevent skin irritation
  • Very easy to clean due to its quality construction
  • Its convenient size allows it to be used by babies up to 24 months old


  • The shape isn’t exactly orthodontic but it gets the job done nonetheless
  • Its teething edge is a bit smaller than expected

#7 Philips Avent Soothie Pacifier

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Designed for newborn babies who are bottle and breastfed, the Philips Avent Soothie Pacifier is a premium grade baby soothing tool that is utilized in popular hospitals all over the world to help shape and develop a child’s mouth.

Constructed using a single-piece design, it meets all the necessary safety standards and American Academy of Pediatric guidelines. Free from BPA, 100% safe, dishwasher and freezer safe, this pacifier can be easily sterilized and highly durable long-term.


  • Its unique design makes it perfect for shaping a baby’s mouth
  • It can be cleaned with ease using any method you want
  • Features a pretty interesting color pattern to choose from
  • Thick plastic makes the pacifier very durable
  • Quite easy to clean due to its ingenious design


  • The thick plastic may prove problematic with some babies
  • The limited color options to choose from bothers some people

#6 NUK Newborn Silicone Orthodontic Pacifier

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Made with 100% silicone, the NUK Newborn Orthodontic Pacifier features a single piece construction. With the ability to soothe and calm your baby, it comes with a naturally shaped nipple that also helps to boost your child’s oral development. Allowing an optimal tongue movement, it is designed with a special scoop cavity which also helps to exercise your child’s tongue.

Thanks to its natural design and fit, it helps with proper teeth alignment and prevents your baby from thumb sucking. Free from BPA, featuring a heart-shaped shield, this pacifier allows easy breathing and prevents skin irritation.


  • Its orthodontic shape nipple is designed to calm the baby
  • Boasts an asymmetrical shape to promote a healthy oral development
  • It enjoys a heart-shaped shield that fits perfectly under the baby’s nose
  • Given its ingenious silicone construction, it prevents any form of irritation
  • Very affordable and easy to clean


  • Makes a bit of noise whenever the baby chews on it
  • Somewhat rigid at first

#5 The Ladies Man Mustachifier

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Free from BPA, The Ladies Man Mustachifier is made from premium grade TPE, which is a popular teething material for pacifiers these days. Designed especially for babies between 0 to 48 months old, this pacifier can also be utilized by babies between 0-6 months, owing to its firm silicone nipple.

Featuring a shield made from high-quality plastic, it comes designed with holes for a better breathability and ventilation. Unlike other pacifiers, this one comes with an added mustache, a fun design, which is firmly attached to the pacifier.


  • Enjoys a fun, mustache-styled design for entertainment purposes
  • Boasts an entirely BPA-free construction that makes it completely safe
  • Versatile in nature, it can be used by babies between 0 and 48 months old
  • Its sturdy design makes it durable and long-lasting
  • Easy to store due to its ingenious design


  • A bit heavier than other pacifiers
  • May have an odd smell because of the packaging

#4 The First Years GumDrop Newborn Pacifier

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Featuring a one-piece construction, The First Years GumDrop Newborn Pacifier is made from high-quality silicone that stays away from the baby’s nose. Recommended and trusted by popular hospitals and baby clinics around the world, this pacifier works great with almost all attached pacifier accessories.

Available in a pack of two, this baby soothing tool free from BPA and ultra-durable. Ideal for babies during all stages of development, this pacifier is a great option as an introductory pacifier for children between 0-3 months old.


  • It enjoys quite the popularity with pediatricians everywhere
  • Its one-piece silicone construction makes it easy to wash
  • Relatively sturdy, it can withstand quite a bit of abuse
  • Comes in a pack of two for greater convenience
  • It is a lot more affordable than other similar pacifiers


  • Quite simplistic as far as its design goes, which means the baby might not like it straight away
  • Makes a bit of noise when the baby chews on it

#3 MAM Glow In The Dark Night Orthodontic Pacifier

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Made from 100% high-quality, imported silicone, the MAM Glow in the Dark Night Orthodontic Pacifier is a one of a kind baby soother. Thanks to its glow in the dark feature, this pacifier can be found easily in the dark without waking the baby. Designed to calm and soothe your baby, it features a soft nipple that resembles the mother’s breast.

Suitable for babies below 6 months old, it comes with a special symmetrical nipple ensuring the pacifier is always inserted correctly into the child’s mouth. Unlike most of its kind, it comes with a curved shield with bumps to prevent the pacifier from lying flat on the baby’s face, in turn causing discomfort. Crafted with large holes on each side, it helps prevent skin irritation and allows a greater breathability overall.


  • It glows in the dark in a very aesthetically-pleasing fashion
  • Can be easily cleaned due to its simplistic and ergonomic design
  • Enjoys a symmetrical nipple construction that makes it hard to insert the wrong way
  • It is designed to prevent skin irritation and to boost breathability
  • Quite durable considering how well-built it is


  • The area where the silicon nib meets the plastic isn’t sealed
  • Has to be kept in sunlight for it to glow at night

#2 Philips Avent BPA Free Soothie Pacifier

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Known for its ability to help in the natural development of teeth and gums, the Philips Avent Soothie Pacifier is highly recommended and utilized by hospitals and medical representatives all across the globe. Uniquely designed using high-quality materials including hospital grade silicone, and free from any BPA and latex to speak of, this pacifier is suitable for babies above 3 months old. Constructed with a single piece of silicone, it is extremely durable, very safe, and can be washed in the dishwasher with relative ease.


  • Features a durable one-piece construction that makes it very easy to clean
  • It enjoys an orthodontic shape that stimulates the baby’s natural teeth and gum development
  • Benefits from an ingenious construction aimed at calming newborns
  • Its near-perfect design makes it suitable for babies of all sizes
  • It is made from hospital-grade silicone for good measure


  • The nipple part is a bit harder than expected
  • Quite stiff at first, takes a bit of getting used to

#1 WubbaNub Infant Pacifier

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Known for its quality and stylish design, the WubbaNub Infant Pacifier is a single-piece baby soother that features a cute giraffe at the end. Extremely durable, convenient and easy for babies to hold, this pacifier is utilized in NICU’s, baby hospitals, and baby care units all over the world.

Made from medical grade silicone, it is free from latex, BPA, phthalates, and PVC. Aimed at newborn babies all the way up to 6 months old, this pacifier is not recommended for babies who have already developed teeth or in the teething phase. overall, it is perhaps one of the best pacifiers the market has to offer.


  • It is 100% dishwasher-safe which makes it very easy to clean
  • The fact that it has a nice round end makes it very maneuverable
  • Designed to easily fit inside the mouth of babies of all ages
  • Its durable one-piece construction is both functional and stylish
  • Enjoys quite an ingenious and cute design


  • The giraffe feature seems a bit too soft
  • Its toy feature cannot be detached during the cleaning process
  • Somewhat light in weight and easy to misplace

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What Is A Pacifier?

Designed to calm down and comfort your baby in a healthy manner, a pacifier is essentially an artificial nipple constructed on a handle. Most babies look for something to suckle on even after being fed and tend to get irritated; which is where a pacifier is commonly utilized. Easy to manipulate given their small, lightweight construction, they are perfect to get the baby habituated to putting food in his/hers mouth by themselves.

The most common type of pacifier consists of:

  • A Nipple – This part is placed inside the baby’s mouth.
  • A Guard – Also known as the shield, this helps your baby from getting choked, keeping only the nipple section inside its mouth.
  • A Ring – A handle designed to help in removing the pacifier without getting any drool on your hands.

How Do You Know When Your Baby Needs A Pacifier?

Some mothers might utilize a pacifier at all times, but that could have some harmful effects. It is important to know exactly when your baby needs comfort with the help of a pacifier.

If your baby:

  • Sucks on the baby bottle even after it gets empty
  • Suckles on a mother’s breast without drawing any milk but gets irritable
  • Sucks on his or her fingers
  • Sucks on toys or the corners of pillows and blankets

…this is precisely when you should use a pacifier.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using A Pacifier

Although a pacifier might be helpful and could provide calm and comfort to your baby, it does have some disadvantages as well. Let us take a close look at the pros and cons of using a pacifier.


  • Provide comfort and distract your child during vaccinations
  • Help your baby fall asleep quicker
  • Good for long journeys, including flights
  • Decreases the risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome)


  • Could be harmful to the development of teeth and gums
  • Could cause dental complications
  • Unhygienic, as babies tend to drop pacifiers even when not at home where there is no way to get them cleaned up.
  • Breaking the habit of a pacifier could be hard
  • Regular usage of a pacifier could lead to ear infections

When Is The Right Time To Change Your Baby’s Pacifier?

With continued usage, pacifiers tend to wear down. The right time to change your child’s pacifier solely depends on how often your child uses it and how vigorously he or she sucks on it. You can tell whether it is time to change a baby’s pacifier if you notice holes and tears in the nipple, any form of discoloration, if the pacifier exhibits a stretched nipple, if the nipple area is sticky even after cleaning, or if the pacifier has broken and jagged edges.

Consider the construction

The construction of a pacifier is very important especially if it has been designed with multiple pieces. If this is the case, it is important to tug on the nipple and other parts to ensure they do not detach easily as this might cause a choking hazard. This should also give you a good idea of how sturdy and durable the pacifier can be. In this respect, single piece pacifiers are extremely safe and will not come apart.

The Material

Silicone is easy to clean and less hazardous, which is why it is the most common material used for making pacifier nipples. Silicone pacifiers are also dishwasher safe and are quite durable overall. Latex pacifiers, on the other hand, are soft and flexible, which is why they are usually preferred by most babies. However, owing to its relative softness, it tends to wear off easily, which makes it difficult to clean.

Type Of Guard

An ideal shield or guard attached to the nipple should measure up to 1.1 inches as a bare minimum. This shield helps to prevent your child from putting the whole nipple into their mouth, which could cause some amount of choking if the baby is left unsupervised. The guard should also come with holes or vents to help circulate air between the pacifier and the baby’s mouth, preventing rashes or skin irritation.


The color of your baby’s pacifier almost makes a lot of difference. Choosing a clear or transparent pacifier could be easy to lose and very hard to find. A vibrant, bright colored pacifier is definitely a better choice. With the many choices available, from glow in the dark pacifiers to pacifiers with animals attached to the handle, there is a wide range of pacifiers to choose from, the type of pacifier that would make it easier for you to find even in a dark room.