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10 Best Lipo Chargers in 2020

Whether you are passionate about RC units or whether you employ high-power batteries for other purposes, you may have arrived by now at the conclusion that Lipo chargers represent a solution for all your battery charging needs. These devices are designed to offer an intuitive and user-friendly interface with many connection ports to choose from, along with integrated cooling features and re-peak functions for good measure.

It should be said that despite their complexity and versatile design, not all Lipo chargers are built to the same standards, not even the top-shelf models. This is mainly because of the designated purpose that some of these units have, in the sense that they are designed to work with specific battery models. Not just that but their controls are also rather difficult to learn, prompting some people to refrain from using them altogether. To give you a good idea about what the market has to offer, we should perhaps take a look at the ten best Lipo chargers money can buy.

My Top 10 Best Lipo Chargers Recommendations & Reviews

#10 Dynamite Prophet Precept 80W Battery Charger

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Reliable, efficient, and long-lasting, the Dynamite Prophet Precept 80W Battery Charger enjoys a very sturdy design and 5-year warranty to guarantee it. Crafted with a user-friendly UI and a backlit LCD display, this lipo charger comes equipped with 1S-6S Li-Po/ 4-12-cell NiMH charging along with 2A ports for USB connectivity. With a charge current that can be adjusted from 0.1A to 6A, this charger comes with a special safety protection and a protection for its circuit system.


  • Perfect for single battery charging due to its maneuverable design
  • Its safety and circuit protection ensure its reliability
  • Features an adjustable charge current system that goes from 0.1A to 6A
  • It has a legible backlit LCD display
  • Rather compact in size


  • May fail to fully charge older batteries
  • Its seemingly flimsy casing might turn some people away

#9 Turnigy Accucel-6 80W 10A Balancer Charger

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The Turnigy Accucel-6 80W 10A Balancer Charger is a premium grade charging device that uses FET’s along with resistors to balance and charge batteries accurately. Thanks to its intuitive UI and controls, charging or cycling can be done with ease and quickly either by utilizing a 12 V power source. Featuring a great set of functions, this device comes with delta peak sensitivity, cell balancing, and a diverse range of charging currents, a storage function, voltage monitoring, a time limit function, 5 profiles data storage, and optimal controlling of its microprocessor.


  • Packs many useful features that you can use
  • It has 1-6S capabilities guaranteed to operate at the highest standards
  • Features a very good display with legible characters
  • Will not cause any battery failures or structural damage whatsoever
  • Enjoys a very easy setup/charging process


  • Does not come with a power cord
  • The power input appears to have the wrong polarity

#8 RotorLogic SKYRC iMAX B6AC V2 LiPo Battery Charger/Discharger

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The RotorLogic SKYRC iMAX B6AC V2 LiPo Battery Charger/Discharger is an upgraded version of the last model and is much more accurate and stable. Thanks to its AC/DC dual power backup, it can charge up to 6 cell LiPo/LiFe/LiIon Batteries. Loaded with the latest functions and features possible, this reliable battery charger has a maximum charging current ability of 6A and a maximum charging power of 50W. Unlike most of its kind, it comes with a set of inbuilt safety elements including a temperature threshold, a capacity limit, processing time limit, and an automatic charging current limit.


  • It has a nice quality feel to it
  • Can bring any battery back into a balanced charge state
  • Enjoys a very user-friendly interface with a clever aesthetic design
  • Its sturdy design ensures the unit’s long-term durability
  • Quite easy to set up with minimal effort


  • Does not come with an airsoft adapter
  • It has a filter capacitor across the power input that makes it difficult to operate with certain batteries

#7 HOBBYMATE Duo Lipo Charger

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HOBBYMATE Duo Lipo Charger is an AC/DC device that is uniquely designed with a 12A/120 watt EA port and an inbuilt 300-watt power backup. With the ability to charge up to 2 batteries at one time, it can charge all kinds of popular battery types including LiPo, NiMH, LiHV, NiCD, LiIon, LiFe, Pb, and NiCD. Featuring multiple modes, this battery charger comes with balance and fast charging, discharge mode, manual and automatic charge mode, storage mode, cycle charge, and discharge mode, as a special temperature overheats shut off mode and a terminal voltage control. Equipped with a voltage meter, PC links, temporary ports, and 10 different memory profiles, and it also comes with a 2.1A USB port that can charge mobiles as well.


  • Features two charging channels to make charging two batteries simultaneously easier
  • A very powerful charger by most standards
  • Works with virtually all battery types with no issues to speak of
  • It comes with a very comprehensive manual
  • Designed to work particularly well with RC units


  • Can get rather warm when charging certain battery types
  • Its general compatibility is somewhat lacking

#6 Traxxas 2992 LiPo Battery and Charger

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Backed up by a large 5800Mah power capacity, the Traxxas 2992 LiPo Battery and Charger can charge up to 5-8-cell NiMH batteries as well as 2S and 3S Lipo batteries with ease. Thanks to its special Traxxas iD feature, with just a single button, it automatically recognizes the different types of iD batteries and controls the settings of the charger accordingly. This charger also comes with a set of additional functions including charge process indication lights, a cooling fan, an advanced function for controlling the settings of the charger manually and exclusive balance ports for anti-skid batteries.


  • Designed to work consistently over long periods of time
  • Ensures that it won’t damage plastic-wrapped batteries
  • Sturdy construction ensures its long-term durability
  • It works very fast compared to other chargers
  • Quite attractive to look at


  • Makes a bit of noise when you first use it
  • The fan might fail over time if you use the charger intensely

#5 Venom PRO Charger 3 RC LiPo Battery Charger

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With a charge current capacity of 0.1 to 7.0A, the Venom PRO Charger 3 RC LiPo Battery Charger is one of the most efficient and reliable chargers available today. Designed with a sturdy case and crafted for optimum portability, this device is extremely easy to use. Unlike most of its kind, this device can charge 1 to 6 series of LiPo, LiFe, and Li-ion batteries, 1 to 15 cell of NiMH/NiCd batteries and comes with a Pb voltage varying from 2 to 20V. This device also features thermal temperature alarm with an automatic shutdown mechanism that can be easily programmed by the user.


  • Benefits from a cool rubbery surface that increases its capacity to withstand damage
  • Very easy to operate on account of its 4-button style
  • It works with almost any type of plug with no limitations
  • Designed to work with virtually any RC-based unit
  • Features a plug-and-play design that makes it highly portable


  • Its balancing board is built into the unit
  • Poorly worded user manual

#4 Venom Pro Quad 400-Watt Battery Balance Charger

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With the ability to charge up to 4 batteries at the same time with a charge rate of 7.0A, the Venom Pro Quad 400 Watt Battery Balance Charger comes with individual channels of 100 watts each. This battery charger is designed to support multiple battery types including Lithium, Nickel Metal Hydride, Lead-acid and Nickel Cadmium batteries. Thanks to its dual USB port system of 2.3A each, this device can charge mobiles, tablets, and all other USB compatible devices. Designed with a great set of features, this charger comes equipped with a balance and quick charge function, storage charge, cycle charge, discharge, a battery meter along with a storage capacity for up to 5 battery profiles, and a backlit LCD display screen.


  • Very easy to operate on account of its interface
  • Light in weight and highly portable
  • It includes four balance boards
  • Features many charging lead options with deans plugs
  • Its comprising plugs can be swapped in or out


  • Does not come with a power switch
  • The LCD display could be a bit brighter

#3 Venom Pro 2 LiPo and NiMH Battery Charger

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Backed up by an inbuilt power source, the Venom Pro 2 LiPo and NiMH Battery Charger comes designed with an on-block balance charging function that supports rates for up to 6.0A. Efficient, reliable, and budget-friendly, this battery charger can charge multiple battery types quickly. Designed with a robust ergonomic case, it offers optimum protection for the users and its circuit system. It also features an alarm system to measure thermal temperature and automatically shuts down if any form of overheating is experienced.


  • One of the best entry-level chargers due to its user-friendly design
  • Extremely powerful considering its compact design
  • Works very fast even when charging large batteries
  • Features a crystal-clear legible display
  • The company features tens of video guides to help you through


  • Its built-in balance board is awkwardly placed
  • Doesn’t really have the wattage or amps to charge a 2s 5,000 mAh effectively

#2 HiTec RCD RDX1 Battery Charger/Discharger

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Known for its quick charging ability, the HiTec RCD RDX1 Battery Charger/Discharger comes equipped with a variety of 10 different charging and discharging profiles. Thanks to its Charge Master Software application that comes pre-loaded into the unit by default, this device can be operated via a PC. Designed with a modern, sleek construction, it allows an easy plug-in via the front of the device and can charge most battery types. Featuring a 3.2 inch LCD display screen, this device makes itself very easy to operate by pretty much anyone with no prior instructions. Not just that but it is also compact in size and easy to store.


  • Light in weight and extremely portable
  • Features a smooth, round switch on its bottom to help with its operation
  • Benefits from two sets of rollers on the side of the unit
  • It has an inbuilt side-spring that you can pull and release to help with its maneuverability
  • Uses an optimized operating software to make things easier


  • Produces a somewhat chemical smell the first time you use it
  • Its stickers might come off over time

#1 Tenergy TB6-B Balance Charger Discharger

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With the ability to charge and discharge all kinds of batteries, the Tenergy TB6-B Balance Charger is the ideal power source for popular battery packs. With a wide voltage capacity, this battery charger comes designed with multiple functions including balancing of Li-ion and LiPO batteries, data storage, fast and cycle charging and discharging. Thanks to its premium quality LCD screen, users can easily view, read, and navigate the various modes and menus to select the appropriate choices. This battery charger comes with a multi-charging octopus harness and a variety of connectors that are compatible with most charging ports. Furthermore, it also includes a heavy duty power supply unit for good measure.


  • Benefits from a very intuitive interface that makes it easy to operate
  • It is equipped with several cables and a 12V 5A power supply
  • Enjoys a versatile charging system to accommodate all types of batteries
  • Works particularly well with single-cell batteries
  • Very silent on account of its fan-less design


  • Does not measure internal resistance all that well
  • Comes with a storage feature that isn’t exactly up to scratch

More products also worth checking out:

Lipo Chargers Buying Guide

If you haven’t already, you will soon find out that Lipo chargers come in many shapes and sizes, which may affect the capabilities of all your Lipo batteries. If you are new to this, you shouldn’t find it too difficult to buy a reliable charger as long as you understand the basic principles that govern how a Lipo charger works. Seeing how these devices are somewhat different than regular battery chargers, you might not want to apply the same discerning standards you would employ when buying a standard recharger. To cut a long story short, let us first understand what makes a good Lipo charger and what to realistically expect from one in the long-run.

What is a Lipo Charger?

A Lipo Charger is a charging device that allows people to enjoy a long battery life without going through the hassle of charging or changing your remote control batteries or wireless gamepads. Not only does it have high power capacities, but it helps extend the life of your batteries as well. Then again, this is true for most Lipo batteries on account of how intricately designed they are. It is also why you want to only recharge such batteries with the best possible rechargers the market has to offer.

How to Choose The Best Lipo Charger?

Power – The higher the total charging power the better. Depending on the number of ports on the device, the total power is divided and this would depend on your requirements.

Voltage – The amount voltage on a lipo charger allows you to distinguish the kind of power source you can utilize. Whether a power adapter or a power outlet, the standard voltage is 100-240 V.

Dimensions – The size and portability of the lipo charger solely depend on personal preference. If you are looking for something smaller, which you can easily carry around while traveling or something you can store in your room without taking much space, it is important to check the dimensions of the charger you select.

USB Port – For those who would like to connect to various devices that are compatible with a USB port or cable, for example, mobile phones, tablets or your PC, it is essential to select a lipo charger that has USB ports for you to use.

Charging Time – Another important factor that one must consider is the amount of time the charger takes to charge your batteries. Although this depends on the life of the battery, the temperature and the number of other devices or batteries that are being charged at the same time, it is important to check for a charger that has a quick charging feature.

Warranty – One of the primary factors to consider is if your lipo charger has a warranty period. The longer the warranty the better for you. Although some warranties do not cover damage or dropping, they do take care of any malfunctioning or technical issues that you may face with the device.

What To Consider

Before selecting a lipo charger, check it if comes with the following features and whether it comes designed with an easy to use UI. You should also ensure it includes a full user guide explaining the modes, features, and functions to help you understand your device better. The interface of such a device determines how good of an experience you will have operating the device, so make sure to take an interest in the features that might make your tasks easier.

A backlit display screen – This would help in dark areas or for those who find it hard to read the menu. The display has to be legible and easy to read in all lighting conditions, especially when you’re trying to charge a battery on the run.

An automatic overheat alarm system – This helps as the device automatically shuts down after notifying the user of its impending overheating. A feature like this can not only prolonge the life of your batteries but the long-term reliability of the charger itself.

Process indication – This function helps inform the user the status of their device and the amount it has been charged or whether it has completed its charging process. In principle, it should be sufficiently informative to help you figure out the expected charging time of each battery.

Lipo Charger Modes

Balance mode – This refers to how many batteries you can charge simultaneously through the process of checking the voltages of each individual cell to ensure that all batteries are at the same levels.

Storage charge mode – When in this mode, your battery voltage shifts to 3.8V allowing you to store power until the next time you utilize the charger.

Discharge mode – As the name suggests, this feature allows you to safely and efficiently discharge a battery or multiple batteries.

Fast charge mode – Although not as efficient as a standard charge, a fast charge mode will get the battery to adequate levels so that you can power whatever battery-operated device you urgently need to operate.

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