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10 Best Lightweight Strollers in 2020

A stroller is an indispensable tool to any parent with a young child. They make taking walks or running errands with the baby a whole lot easier, and they also allow the parent to expose their child to the beauties of the world. Unfortunately, buying a lightweight stroller isn’t always a pleasant experience. There are a number of different models, makes and styles available, which can make it difficult to determine which ones are the best.

We’ve remedied that situation, however, by doing our own research and finding the ten best models available. We’ve found carriages, as they’re sometimes called, which are light, durable and will hold up to the rigors of daily use. And the following models are not only comfortable for the baby to use but are also all extremely safe. All of which makes any of them a worthy addition to any household.

My Top 10 Best Lightweight Strollers Recommendations & Reviews

#10 Joovy Caboose Graphite Stroller

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The Joovy Caboose Stroller is a model that’s designed for children 3-months of age or older, but can also be used with younger children with the purchase of car seat adapter. It has a large canopy that protects the child from sun, rain, and snow, and can be tilted back to tend to the child. This model also has a rear platform that can be used by an older child to stand or sit on. Since this stroller has sealed-bearing wheels, it glides easily over the ground and won’t begin to stick like other stroller wheels tend to do over time. And although this product doesn’t have a handlebar that can be adjusted, it’s still fairly easy to push and should provide the parent with many years of faithful service.


  • Weighs 22-pounds
  • Large Canopy
  • Comes With Neoprene Organizer
  • Sealed Bearing wheels


  • Handlebar Isn’t Adjustable
  • Instructions Could Be Better

#9 Kolcraft Cloud Plus Stroller

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The Kolcraft Cloud Plus is an extremely lightweight stroller that only weighs around 11.8-pounds but comes equipped with many of the features that parents look for in a modern travel stroller. This model has a three-tier canopy that provides not only protection again rain or snow but is also UV-resistant, so it can protect the child against damaging UV rays. It’s also equipped with a peek-a-boo window that allows the parent to easily keep an eye on their child while they’re walking. Other features that can be found on this unit include a reclining seat, a cup holder that can hold a 16-ounce cup, and a 5-point harness system for child safety. Although the wheels are made of plastic and don’t appear very sturdy, the stroller does glide quite well as it’s being pushed. All of which means this an easy-to-use and economical stroller model.


  • Weighs 11.8-pounds
  • Large Canopy
  • Folds with One Hand
  • Plenty of Storage
  • Has a 5-Point Harness


  • Cup Holder is Small
  • Wheels Don’t Seem Sturdy

#8 Graco Verb Click Connect Stroller

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The Graco Verb Click Connect Stroller is a model that’s ideal for taking the baby for a walk around the block or for a trip to the grocery store. It comes with a small canopy that has a window in it so the parent can always keep track of what their child is doing at any given moment. It also has a parent tray to hold drinks or other items for the parent, as well as a baby tray for the child. With a weight of only 18.9-pounds, this stroller is also extremely lightweight and easy to push around. Other features found on this inexpensive model is the ability to close it using one hand, the ability to hold a child up to 50-pounds and locking front swivel wheels for increased maneuverability.


  • Weighs 18.9-pounds
  • Canopy with Window
  • Has Parent & Child Trays
  • Can Hold up to 50-Pounds


  • Canopy Isn’t Large Enough
  • Handle Isn’t Adjustable

#7 Besrey Airplane Stroller

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This stroller was evidently designed not only with children’s best interests in mind but also with the interest of the parent in mind. That’s because it has some really great features that make it easy for parents to use. This includes a total weight of only 10.8-pounds, 5-point safety harness system, adjustable canopy, and a double brake system. The only two things that prevent this stroller from being truly great is the fact that the seat doesn’t recline and that there isn’t a peek-a-boo window built into the canopy. Other than those two things, however, this easy-to-use stroller is pretty remarkable. It can be pushed around effortlessly and has a button that will fold the stroller up using only one hand. All of which makes this stroller ideal for parents with children age 6-months to 36-months old.


  • Weighs 10.8-pounds
  • One Hand Folding Button
  • Adjustable Canopy
  • 5-Point Harness
  • Double Brake


  • Seat Doesn’t Recline
  • No Peek-a-Boo Window

#6 Summer Infant 3D Lite

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With an advanced 5-point harness system, a weight of only 12-pounds and with a maximum child capacity of up to 50-pounds, this stroller is ready for just about anything. Although it’s cup holder is a little small, it does have storage pockets that are big enough to hold a variety of accessories. Even so, this stroll can be easily closed with one hand and folds up to a compact size that can easily be placed in a vehicle’s trunk. This durable unit has anti-shock front wheels that smooth out even the bumpiest of walks and has a canopy that provides more than adequate sun protection to the child. All of which is why this stroller is often considered one of the better models currently available.


  • Weighs 12-Pounds
  • Compact
  • Can Be Closed With One Hand
  • 5-Point Harness System
  • Durable


  • Cup Holder is Small
  • Headrest Could Be Better

#5 Chicco Liteway Stroller

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Although this stroller isn’t very compact when it’s folded, and it’s a little heavier than many of the other lightweight models on this list, it’s still a great model for any parent to consider. That’s because it has a whole lot of features that make it quite easy-to-use. It has a 4-position backrest that can be adjusted with just one hand, it has padded handles and a parent cup holder, and it has a storage basket. It also has rear-wheel suspension, front-locking swivel wheels, a removable canopy with peek-a-boo window and has an automatic storage latch. And the final feature that makes it a great model to own is its rear parking brakes which can easily be set with the tap of a toe.


  • Weighs 18.8-Pounds
  • 4-Position Backrest
  • Removable Canopy
  • Adjustable Footrest
  • Rear Wheel Suspension


  • Doesn’t Fold To a Compact Size

#4 Pockit Folding Stroller

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The folding stroller is one of the lightest and smallest strollers currently available. It only weighs around 9.5-pounds and folds down to a size of 11.8-inches by 7-inches by 13.8-inches. However, just because it’s small and light doesn’t mean that it isn’t durable. In fact, it’s one of the more durable strollers currently available. It can hold a child up to 55-pounds, as well as about 10-pounds of gear in its storage basket. Although its canopy sunshade is a little too light and has a tendency to blow back in strong winds, this stroller does have a host of other great features. These include locking front swivel wheels, an adjustable harness system, a rear parking brake, and padded handlebars.


  • Weighs 9.5-Pounds
  • Small Size
  • Maximum Child Weight of 55-Pounds
  • Adjustable Harness System
  • Locking Front Swivel Wheels


  • Sunshade is Ineffective

#3 ZOE XLC Umbrella Stroller

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This umbrella stroller only weighs around 11-pounds and has a height of 39.5-inches, a width of 15.5-inches and a depth of 39.5-inches. It can be folded to a 26-inch by 15.5-inch by 7-inches. Although it isn’t the smallest or lightest stroller we’ve reviewed, it still has a number of features which makes it extremely attractive to just about any parent. It has a great suspension system that gives a smooth ride, even when it’s snowing and is easy to maneuver around corners or store aisles. This stroller also has a ton of storage to store everything the parent or the baby needs for the day. And while the seat could’ve folded back a little more than it did, it still provided a comfortable place for baby to sit or lay while they’re being pushed around the city.


  • Weighs 11-Pounds
  • Easy to Maneuver
  • Smooth Ride
  • Lots of Storage


  • Doesn’t Recline Far Enough

#2 Graco Breaze Click Connect Stroller

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This umbrella stroller is easy-to-fold, easy-to-use and contains a number of great features. It’s capable of holding children up to 50-pounds, has a multi-position seat and easily accepts all Graco Click Connect infant car seats. Although this means that this is a part of the Graco Travel System, it’s a versatile enough stroller that it can be used all by itself as well. It’s made with a very gender-neutral design that emphasizes grey and black colors and has an extra large UV canopy that protects the child from the damaging rays of the sun. It also has front swivel wheels and a 5-point harness system.


  • Weighs 17.7-Pounds
  • Holds Children Up to 50-Pounds
  • Extra Large UV Canopy
  • Front Swivel Wheels
  • Gender Neutral Design
  • Folds with One Click


  • Wheels are Plastic

#1 Baby Jogger Anniversary City Mini

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This lightweight stroller is one of the best ones currently available. It’s a model that’s suitable enough to be used either in the big city or in a small town. It can hold children up to 50-pounds, only weighs 18.4-pounds and is one of the easiest jogging strollers to maneuver. That’s because it has front wheel suspension that helps to smooth out the ride and large front swivel wheels that can be locked for long distance strolls. This model also has an extra large UV canopy designed to protect the child from the sun and automatically folds up and locks when it’s time to put it away. Although additional accessories such as infant or parent panels have to be purchased separately, this stroller still provides a great strolling experience for any parent.


  • Weighs 18.4-Pounds
  • Holds Children Up to 50-Pounds
  • Extra Large UV Canopy
  • Front Wheel Suspension
  • Fold Locks Automatically
  • Easy to Maneuver


  • Accessories Have to Be Bought Separately

More products also worth checking out:

How to Buy a Lightweight Stroller?

Lightweight strollers come in a variety of different styles. There are umbrella strollers and jogging strollers, standard strollers and travel ones. All of which makes it hard for most people to find one that suits their needs and lifestyle. Fortunately, we’ve come up with a little buyer’s guide that will hopefully get to the heart of the matter and help reveal what to look for when buying one of these models.

Umbrella Stroller Vs. Jogging Stroller

Although there are a number of different types of strollers, the two main ones which are considered lightweight are the umbrella and jogging models. Umbrella models usually weight 12-pounds or less and are usually an inexpensive option for most parents. However, it should be noted that if they’re going to be used on a daily basis, then they’re probably not the best option.

Jogging models weigh a little more than umbrella strollers, but they’re designed to be more durable. These models typically weigh anywhere from 13-pounds up to 25-pounds. However, since they’re designed to be used while running, they are also more durable than conventional or umbrella models. They have to be more durable because they have to protect the baby at jogging speeds.

Features That Should Be Considered First

Below are some of the more common features which should be considered before purchasing any stroller. Although not all parents will need the stroller they choose to have all of the following features, there are safety features listed which should be prioritized above everything else. With that being stated, here are some things to consider before buying a lightweight baby stroller.

The Seat

The stroller’s seat is one of the most important things to consider. Ideally, a parent will want to choose one that’s comfortable but will also carry the weight of their child. The parent will need to consider how long they expect to use the stroller for their child. Some parents only use the stroller until their child begins to walk, while other parents may use their stroller until their child is 5 or 6. Parents who fall into the latter category should choose a seat that has a weight capacity of 45 to 50-pounds.

Whether or not the seat is adjustable is another important thing to consider. Parents with newborns really need a seat that can lay flat until the child is at least 6 or 7-months old. However, a reclining seat can also be extremely advantageous for parents with toddlers. With a reclining seat, the child always has the option of napping in the stroller if the need arises. When choosing a stroller with an adjustable seat, be sure to choose one that can be easily operated with just one hand.

The Frame

The frame is another important thing to keep in mind. It’s important to choose one that’s not only lightweight but also durable as well. And a stroller that can be opened with just one hand is always a welcome feature to just about any parent.

Safety Harnesses

Although almost all strollers manufactured nowadays have safety harnesses installed in them, it’s important for parents to double check to make sure the model they’re considering has one. Ideally, a baby stroller should have a 5-point harness that straps around the waist, the legs, and down over the shoulders. These type of harnesses are the safest ones currently available.

Adjustable Foot Rest

An adjustable footrest is another convenient feature for most parents.  It allows the parent to make the stroller as comfortable as possible for the child and can be used to adjust the stroller as the child gets bigger.

Removable Canopy

A removable canopy is always a welcome feature, especially one that might have a peek-a-boo window. Putting the canopy down can provide a light shield for the child against the wind, rain, and sun, and putting it up can allow the child to get a better view. Some manufacturer not only includes a removable canopy on their strollers, but they also make them UV-resistant, and that’s always a welcomed bonus.

Swivel Front Wheels

Strollers with front wheels that swivel is easier to maneuver than strollers that don’t have this feature. On regular lightweight strollers that have 2-wheels, each of the wheels swivels independently in a way that’s very much like the way the wheels on a shopping cart swivel. On jogger models, it’s either one or two wheels that swivel together. Either way, strollers that have this feature really make it a whole lot easier to turn corners or maneuver around the grocery store.


Brakes are an important safety feature that allows the wheels to be locked into position when the stroller isn’t being pushed. Although there are a variety of different types of brakes found on modern strollers, it’s important to look for one that can be easily set by pressing it with a touch of the foot. It’s also important to consider whether the stroller needs to have back brakes as well as front brakes, or if one or the other is sufficient for the person’s needs. Some jogger models even take it a step further and offer brakes that can easily be operated by hand.

Storage Space

No parent pushes their child in a stroller without carting a few necessary essentials with them. This can include items such as bottles, pacifiers, diapers, wipes, toys, sunscreen, snacks, or anything else the parent thinks the child may need for their trip. And that’s why it’s extremely important for parents to choose strollers that have sufficient storage space for their needs. Some models have back pockets that can hold a variety of essential items and others are equipped with hammocks located underneath the stroller’s seat.


Although most people don’t think about what type of suspension a particular stroller might have, it is worth thinking about. After all, whether or not a stroller has a suspension system and what type of suspension system that might be has a dramatic effect on how the stroller can be used. For example, a stroller without a suspension system can only really be used on relatively smooth surfaces. Front or back wheel suspension is good for any irregularities that may occur pushing the stroller on an uneven sidewalk or bumpy parking lot. Strollers with all-wheel suspension, on the other hand, are suitable for pushing anywhere that a stroller can be pushed and is suitable for most “off road” walks.