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10 Best Car Sun Shades in 2020

Because your family is more important than the appearance of your car, sun shades are a must-have. In the warmer months, UV rays can harm young skin but attachable sun shades are easy to apply and super convenient. Not to mention, they are also very effective at doing what you need them to – protect your baby or infant.

The better products that are available will do a great job of shading the young ones when the temperature goes up. they can help to keep them cool and will protect them from the risk of overheating. The best products will keep the whole car cooler which will benefit everyone. Without further delay, here are the top ten sun shades.

My Top 10 Best Car Sun Shades Recommendations & Reviews

#10 MIU COLOR Car Windshield Sun Shade

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For complete protection, even in the corner window sections, Miu color has created a useful package that comes in six pieces. The different sized shades have been designed to block 99% of UV rays and heat damage. The high-density fabric protects everyone in the car as well as the furniture, helping to protect leather seats from cracking. The ultra-reflective exterior helps to push rays away and is great for helping your car stay cool when you leave it. These are designed for stationary cars but if you are leaving it in the sun for hours on end, the temperature inside will be a lot more comfortable when you return.


  • All-round protection for your car
  • Keeps the vehicle cool


  • Only for stationary cars

#9 ATK Essential Products Car Window Shades For Baby

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We’re all for this clever design as it is easy to fix over the car doors’ exterior and stays in place well. What is most impressive is it is the only type of sunshade that you can use and still put the window down, giving some fresh air to your young ones as well as protection from the harmful UV rays. It keeps the temperature of the car down so your baby doesn’t overheat and comes with a baby on board sticker for your car. A lot of parents seem to like the fact that it gives complete protection, without any corners of the sun coming through.


  • Complete protection
  • Easy to install


  • Not suitable for 3 door cars

#8 Shade Sox Universal Car Side Window Baby Sun Shade

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To reduce the damaging UV rays and heat damage, this easy to attach sun shade for cars pulls down from the door to give an excellent layer of protection. Ideal for the side windows, the stretchy mesh fits virtually every car and has a reach of 44.3 x 20 “. One of the best aspects of this car sun shade is the fact that you can still open the window and your child gets the protection because it stretches over the exterior. This is something you don’t get from a stick-on product so it’s a neat feature.


  • Easy to install
  • You can still open windows when its attached


  • Doesn’t fit all windows

#7 Car Sun Shade for Side and Rear Window

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This 4-pack should be enough to keep the whole car cool, leaving you with the peace of mind, knowing your young ones are protected. It gives you up to 98% protection from UV rays and the different sized shades can be used on the side windows or bigger windows at the rear. They don’t require suction pads which can fall down, instead, just press them against the window and they stick. They fold down easily when you twist them so you can store them away conveniently and give 30+ SPF protection for everyone in the vehicle.


  • 98% protection from UV rays
  • 30+ SPF
  • Easy to attach to windows


  • Side shades are better than the rear shade

#6 Winsall Auto Sun Shade

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This two-pack of roller sun shades for cars are easy to use and convenient to pull down to block 97% of sun glare for your child’s comfort. It also keeps out 85% of the sun’s heat to make sure everyone inside is comfortable for the whole journey. You can choose from different sizes to suit your vehicle’s size and get a great protection that is easy to install. One of the best features is that it doesn’t obscure your vision when driving so it is also a good product for keeping you safe when behind the wheel.


  • Easy to install
  • Blocks 97% of the suns glare


  • Suction pads aren’t always as sturdy

#5 ZATOOTO Car Side Window Sun Shade

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Too thick to use when driving, these sun shades for cars are good if you want to help your child take a nap and still be protected from the sun. Easy to install via magnets, they attach to any metal framed window and help to secure your car as thieves cannot see inside. Also if you leave your car it will not be as hot inside when you return thanks to the UV protection and can still be used when the window is down. They are popular with people traveling long distances who need to have a rest along the way.


  • Good for keeping the car dark and protect it from the sun
  • Easy to install


  • Not to be used when driving

#4 ggomaART Car Side Window Sun Shade

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The strong magnets that attach to the top of the car door keep this fun sun shade in place to keep your child protected from the warm weather. This makes installation easy when you have a metal-framed window to attach it to. The suction cups can be used to keep everything in place so you get an added layer of security in case your child is prone to pulling sun shades down. You can slide it across to shade half of the window and it is wide enough to give enough coverage for most car windows.


  • Easy to install
  • Double secure


  • Need to have metal framed windows for it to work

#3 Enovoe Car Window Shade

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This 4-pack sun shade set blocks 97% of harmful UV rays, keeping you and your children protected whilst in transit. The dual-sided meshing gives great protection whilst allowing the driver to still see so if it is in a blind spot, visibility is still sufficient to keep everyone safe. They stick onto the window without the need for suction pads and fit most sized cars and frames with ease. You get protection from the sun’s glare and a durable product that is designed to last many summers.


  • Blocks 97% of harmful UV rays
  • No suction pads required
  • Does not reduce visibility


  • Harder to stick to colder windows

#2 EcoNour Car Windshield Sun Shade

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For a quality windshield sun shade then this is the gold standard as far as many people are concerned. The thick fabric can be found in thousands of cars as this ever-popular product reflects harmful UV rays to protect the inside of your vehicle. The black side keeps your car cool so when you have to leave it in the sun, you know it isn’t going to be a sweat-box when you get back. When you grip the steering wheel after returning to your car, your hands will thank you for buying such a product.


  • Reflective material on the outside
  • Keeps the car’s temperature down
  • Quality materials


  • Not as easy to fold into the bag

#1 kinder Fluff Car Sun Shade

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These are the best sun shades that give full protection and excellent coverage for you and your children. They are made a little sturdier than the competition, offering the highest sun protection available. A dark shade that is reliable and made with 15s static film. You get two transparent shades and two semi-transparent shades and 80 GSM mesh that is proof of the quality. When you hold them next to cheaper brands you can really see the difference in how much protection you get. To give your children the best shade against harmful UV rays, these car sun shades are an important purchase.


  • Semi-transparent and transparent shades included
  • Highest sun protection available
  • Great value


  • Better for square windows

More products also worth checking out:

Car Sun Shade Buyer’s Guide

A comfortable and safe car are two of the most important features, but not everyone thinks of the ideal temperature as being important. In those summer months, getting into a hot car can be stifling, and if you struggle to adjust before the air con kicks in, think about the children in the backseat.

The harmful UV rays can be strong even with the windows up which is why it is important to protect everyone inside with quality car sun shades. To help ensure you get this important purchase right, we have created the following buyer’s guide.

What To Look For In Car Sun Shades

Easy Installation

Thre are different ways to secure a car sunshade to ensure it remains in place, and some are easier than others. A suction cup can be simple, but these can be pulled down by young children. Others might be kept in place by shutting the window but whichever product you choose, make sure it is known for being easy to use.

Lots of UV Protection

Harmful UV rays can take their toll, and an unprotected window can only do so much during peak sun hours. This is why it is vital to select a car sunshade with 97% UV protection or above. This is a standard figure that most reputable brands manage so you shouldn’t have to settle for anything less. Not only do UV rays contribute towards premature aging, but they can contribute towards skin cancer risks, and sunburn, among other things.

Heat Reduction

This is one of the major benefits of using a car sunshade. Although they are best when combined with quality air con, they can help to reduce the temperature of a car by around 80%. This is more common with windshield sunshades but anything that helps is going to make for a more comfortable experience when getting back into a car that has been exposed to the sun.

PVC Free Products

These products are generally pretty safe but chemical exposure is something that can be easily avoided by opting for a different product. Suction cups are easy to use an alternative without the risks.


It is important to find a product that is see-through enough to remain safe on the road. his is particularly significant for car sunshades that are fixed not the blind spot window where you need to change lanes. Anything too dark, and you could be putting yourself at risk.


Matching the shape of the sunshade to the window is an important consideration as it is more likely to stay in place if it fits just right. Some products come as a pack that includes shades in the shape of the rear windows.

Different Types of Car Sun Shades

To help you find the right type for your needs, here is a list of the most common options available:


Using a wireframe to frame the shade, these can fold down small before popping out to be ready to go again. Usually, with a suction cup to hold it in place, they are some of the more affordable options and are easy to install or move to another window. Most of the time, they are ideally shaped for the majority of rear windows to provide maximum protection.


Larger in size and with a reflective coating made to reflect the sun instead of absorbing its heat, these are great for when you are packing up and leaving the vehicle exposed to the sun. Most people use them to reduce the temperature of the car when they get back in and are generally easy to fix across the windshield.

Pull Down

Attached to the top of the window, this pull-down and either stay in place or fix to another section at the bottom of the window. They are easy to use and provide the convenience of being able to move the shader out of the way should you need more visibility. 

Static Cling

Less common but still a good option, these stick to the window but are not permanent. They use their stickiness to stay in place without the use of suction cups. The tricky part is fixing hem without creases but they are generally affordable and effective at providing protection.


A semi-permanent option, this can be cut to size and will stick to the window but can be removed. However, once taken off, they can be a little tricky to re-apply but a lot of people order large quantities anyway.

Do Car Sun Shades Work?

There is a reason why you see so many parents driving their children with sunshades over the rear windows, they are highly effective. Not only for protecting young ones and passengers from the sun and UV rays, but they also help to bring the temperature down. Considering that window tint laws are different depending on where you live but restrictive, these nonpermanent solutions are easy to use without the risk of damaging a car or breaking the law.

What Is The Best Car Sun Shade?

For us, the best overall product is the kinder Fluff Car Sun Shade because it has the best value in the different tints that come in each pack. The 80 GSM mesh is a sign of the quality and provides the highest standard of sunshade available. Because of their shape, they are better for square windows but this shouldn’t detract from what is a high-quality product.

How Long Do Car Sun Shades Last?

These products should last as long as your kids need them, and when looked after properly can last for many years. The main area where a car sunshade may not be so sturdy is the suction cup, but if they are not pulled off and fixed back on all the time, they. should be fine for years as well. 

Because of the affordable price of most products, it is not so likely that they will come with a warranty, but it is possible if you want to protect your purchase.